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    Hey Guys,

    What an Awesome app!!
    Really!!! THe new update is totally awesome. Really Nice work gang.

    I really love the the stencil/ masking tools. No one else has this stuff!!!

    I do however have one request that I think might make the tool/ experience even better… possibly better at least. 🙂

    Currently on the masks; the 3 pointed Bezier curve mask is kind of hard to use as the curve itself is the mask… making it kind of hard to take advantage of the customizable nature of the mask… Couldn’t we just connect the 1st and last points of the 3 pointed curve to create the mask? THankS A Bunch

    I have uploaded an example of what I’m talking about

    2. Could we also have a quick toggle for the stencils/masks on the eyedropper in conjunction with the other awesome quick toggles? I am finding myself increasingly in full screen with “Hide UI” enabled.

    You guys are great!!!!
    Cheers and Best Regards,

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    We are glad to hear that you like the new version and thank you for the detailed feedback. Knowing what is important to our users help us hone in on what to develop.

    1. That is an interesting implementation and we will look into adding it.

    2. Allowing quick access to tools is a design principal we take seriously and we have big plans to allow those lists to be customizable.

    I hope this helps and thanks again of the feedback.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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