Sketchable 4.0


Gainesville, Florida—(October 12th, 2016) – Silicon Benders is releasing Sketchable 4.0, the latest version of the Windows Store App.
This release focuses on Sketchable’s UI to create a more cohesive esthetic while improving usability. To achieve this, Silicon Benders has worked in tandem with the Microsoft Surface Design Team to create a concise and productive user experience. Accompanying this UI overhaul are significant feature additions. These include a floatable stroke preview, real time brush tip cursor, customizable Color Picker, right click color dropper, and streaming tutorials (~150mb app size reduction).


UI Methodology
This release incorporated a combination of icon design, grouping, and scale to reduce the Interface’s visual impact, while continuing to add functionality. This blend of simplicity and functionality we achieved through our collaboration with the Surface Design Team as well as creative feedback received from the passionate artists that use Sketchable.

  • Layout and design
    • Designed in conjunction with Surface team designers
    • Reduced UI palettes from four to two
    • Updated every icon
    • Regrouped icons for a cleaner esthetic
  • Color Picker
    • Moved icons to singular exterior overlay
    • Capable of achieving smaller sizes
    • Added three new custom form factors
      • Circular saturation and brightness picker
      • Dynamic RGB and HSB sliders
    • For economy of motion, users can click and drag the color Dropper from icon to desired color, thus requiring only one click.
    • Toggle button added for “touch can paint” to make it more discoverable.
  • Stroke Preview
    • New modern design
    • Sliders for Size, and tip opacity make the functionality more discoverable.
    • Can be moved and placed
    • Can remain open when painting or adjusting a stoke from an exterior source.
    • Up to 36 presets per tool
    • Added clone, reset, and delete brush presets
    • Provides textural feedback while choosing a preset, or scrubbing tip opacity or size
  • Real Time Brush Tip Cursor
    • Depicts diameter, roundness, angle, feather, etc…
  • Other notable changes
    • Substantial performance improvements
    • Reduced package size by ~150mb
    • Moved Lock Layer Transparency to the Layer Info dialog.
    • Added settings
      • RGB 0-255
      • Right click color picker
      • Link mouse and touch UI Sizes

Price: Free to download + $24.99 for access to the premium features.
Download Link ->

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