From the very beginning, Sketchable has been a work of passion. The mission was to create a product that allowed people to create digital art in a more natural way. Sketchable has become one of the top apps on the Windows Store. Its thought out integration of pen & touch inputs has been recognized by Microsoft and has become their creative demo for Surface technologies in their stores across the US. Most importantly, creatives are constantly sharing their wonderful works of art, made in Sketchable.

Every person that has taken the time to leave a review, send an email, or publicly share their work, has been a part of this success, but there are a couple that deserve to be acknowledged publicly. They are Don Seegmiller and Lawrence Mann. These artists have worked countless hours to provide feedback, discus features, create artwork, and share their passion for Sketchable. In the past, their contributions have been represented in the about section of Sketchable, along with a link to their websites and profiles. However, this does not seem adequate to represent the magnitude of their contributions. So they are also to be made the inaugural recipients of the title, “Sketchable Artisans”.

As Sketchable Artisans, their names, bios, and website links will be available on the page. Their work is impeccable, their passion is infectious, and they can be looked towards to inspire other artists who pick up Sketchable.


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