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Image Credit, Sketchable Artisan Don Seegmiller

Software interactions are data driven. The more input available, the more immersive developers can make the experience. Touch and mouse are limited to location and velocity, where an active stylus can also provide pressure allowing more realistic inking simulations. At its core, this is what makes pen so powerful. In Sketchable, the harder or softer you press while inking can affect everything from diameter to opacity.


Many new hardware venders are expanding the input variables by incorporating tilt. Sketchable utilizes this novel feature to create realistic drawing affects. For instance, tilting with the pencil tool will cause a realistic graphite rubbing affect. In Sketchable’s latest update, the tilt control has been added to diameter, feather, opacity, and penetration. There are also controls to adjust the start angle of these affects and the range they will last.


Tilt is now becoming widely adopted as pen enabled devices are more available and growing in popularity. Some prime examples are the new Surface Pen, Wacom Mobile Studio Pro, Dell Canvas, and Samsung Galaxy Book . This combination of premium hardware and Sketchable’s brush engine produces the fastest and most natural painting experience to date.


Download new Pencil brushes with tilt here…


Sketchable Pencil Brushes

New Brush Settings


  • Diameter
    • Tilt Scale – Sets the multiple at which the size of a brush is distorted when tilted.
    • A toggle for Stylus varies with tilt.
  • Feather
    • A toggle for Stylus varies with tilt.
  • Tip Opacity
    • A toggle for Stylus varies with tilt.
  • Penetration
    • A toggle for Stylus varies with tilt.
  • Two new blend modes
    • Soft Grain
    • Hard Gain
  • Focus Slider
  • Noise Slider
  • Stylus Settings
    • Start angle – the angle at with the “tilt” affect begins
    • Range – A percentage multiplied by “tilt angle” to calculate the lower bounds of the tilt effect.



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