By Lawrence Mann


  • Are the premium features a one time purchase?
    • Yes, purchasing the premium features will unlock all of Sketchable’s current functionality. New features in future releases may have an additional cost however maintenance or improvements to existing app will be free. 
  • What is included in the Premium Features?
    • Layers, image import, masks, stencils, symmetry, brush resizing, advanced brush settings, transform, and paint bucket.
  • What is included in the free version?
    • A single brush preset for each tool, color picker, and image export.
  • Where does Sketchable save my files?
    • All journal file information is stored inside the application’s folders, managed by the operating system. Uninstalling Sketchable or resetting your PC will erase all data inside the application’s folders.
  •  Where can I share my artwork and brush presets?
    • Visit out our forums at https://siliconbenders.com/community
  • What is journal archiving?  (.sja)
    •  This will save layers and color pallete information. It does not preserve undo/redo, brush presets, textures, or image tips. This is a custom Sketchable file and can only be read back into Sketchable.
  • Can I Import an image?
    • Yes. However, images are imported as unique layers, so the premium features are required.
  • How can I Export my work? 
    • Journals files (.sja) will save all layers, color pallet information, and canvas textures for each page. (These files (.sja) can only be read back into Sketchable)
    • .psd preserves layer information. (Sketchable does not read in .psd files)
    • .png, .jpg, .tif, and .dmp (exports flat images)
  • How can I back up my brush presets?
    • Yes, you can save an individual brush preset, all brush presets associated with a single tool, and all brush presets for all your tools.
  • What type of files can I Import?
    • .png, .jpg, .tif, and .bmp
    • We do not import .psd files however we do export .psd files

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