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Introducing Sketchable

Seamlessly fusing the freedom and romance of your physical notebook with the power and flexibility of the digital world, Sketchable provides the best creative experience on the market. Sketchable’s comprehensive yet clean interface is carefully crafted to harness the full potential of you and your device, making sure nothing comes between you and your imagination. Part journal, part canvas, Sketchable allows you to scribble a note, snap and edit a pic, import and augment an image, or paint a masterwork—easily sharing it all with your friends and family. Open the app, pick a tool, pick a color, and delve into a limitless world of creativity.

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Journal Creation

Customize your journals with unique covers, names, and resolutions (up to 4k!). Sketchable puts you in control of your creative work. Its custom Journal File format allows for easy exporting, importing, and sharing of your Journals.


Artistic Expression Without Limitation

Sketchable provides a highly customizable experience. Allowing up to eight custom presets per tool. Quickly make adjustments with the stroke preview or delve deeper into the advanced settings. With Sketchable you can create, save, and share the perfect tool for you.


Powered By DirectX

Sketchable's speed comes from tapping into the power of DirectX acceleration. The GPU architecture allows for real time sketching on document sizes up to 4k! While the power of Active Stylus support offers the pinpoint accuracy and pressure sensitivity users demand.

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2 in 1 App

Sketchable is the first genuine 2:1 sketching App. The intuitive, touch based, navigation gestures provide a great mobile experience. When these gestures are not available or not being used, those features are accessible through spring loaded tool icons. Additionally, Sketchable is equipped with dozens of keyboard shortcuts. This produces the most streamlined workflow possible, no matter the device.

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